“We appreciate OnPath’s desire to learn new technologies and their ability to put in long hours. OnPath Testing worked harder than most of our employees, which was impressive. Very reliable and great collaborators, OnPath doesn’t need to be micromanaged and they’ve always been able to deliver the specs requested of them.”

“OnPath built our entire test suite for Selenium. They continued to write automated tests as we developed new features to make sure that everything was covered. When our automated test suite became too cumbersome we switched from Selenium to Cucumber and OnPath rewrote all of our application tests.”

— Michael Kilburg, Product Owner, ChronoTrack 

“We leveraged OnPath to help guide us to new systems and help build the foundation of those systems. They restructured our testing environment and kept us on pace with our growth.”

 “Our own developers are more than impressed with the engineers we have from OnPath Testing. Those engineers have became part of the team as OnPath is well-versed in agile development.”

— Seamus Nally, Chief Operations Officer, ChronoTrack 

“There are many good QA people out there, but what sets OnPath apart is just fantastic communication skills.”

— Cleve Miller, Chief Executive Officer, English360 

 “OnPath is never afraid to give us crucial feedback, and they have made some key recommendations around structuring and improving our QA environment. Historically, prior to putting a focus on it, ramping up QA and putting OnPath on, and creating the structured QA methodology that we have right now, we would put those launches out, and invariably, immediately we found issues with either page content, incorrect presentation for customers, or problems in completing an order. Frankly, I don’t have those issues anymore.”

— Tom Steiger, Chief Technology Officer, BioTRUST Nutrition 

 “I liked how independent OnPath Testing was. It made them easy to work with so my time could be put to better use. We were happy with the way OnPath ran tests efficiently and we had them writing and running test cases.”

 “If we needed more people, OnPath was quick to jump on and get us some more testers. We could ramp up and down quickly. Our testing needs would change quite often, and they were able to handle all the changes without any headaches or rigmarole. They were very flexible.”

— Stephen Affleck, Quality Assurance Manager, Learning Objects 

“OnPath Testing manages themselves extremely well. The testers were always very diligent and always got the work done. OnPath put together a team that really fit our schedule.”

 “At one point, we had three of OnPath’s testers working closely with our tester and the testers at the software development house. They did a great job. They really went over and above and we couldn’t have been happier with what we had decided to do. Ultimately, we delivered on time, on budget, and delivered a quality product that really was error free.”

— Michael Lapico, President, WeCam Technologies


  • OnPath was an excellent resource to work with at ChronoTrack. Sarabjit and Sanchita (OnPath employees) got up to speed super quickly and provided an immediate impact. Brian helped to ensure that the OnPath team was part of our team and the on-boarding went smoothly. I recommend OnPath Testing.

    Seamus Nally
    COO, ChronoTrack
  • Brian and his team were readily available to our needs and exceeded expectations. I would highly recommend Brian and OnPath Testing if you require rigorous quality assurance on your mobile or web-based products.

    Robert Whent
    Founder/ CEO, WeCam Tech
  • OnPath Testing has provided nothing but professional and reliable service to our company. Whether its expert consultation, meeting tight deadlines, or unmatched customer service, OnPath never fails to deliver.

    Stephen Affleck
    QA Manager, Learning Objects
  • OnPath provides a solution that is no more costly than working with an offshore body shop, but delivers much more.OnPath engineers dug into my project and learned quickly. I will come to OnPath next time I need help with software quality.

    Doug Knoll
    VP Software Development, WeLocalize
  • Brian is not afraid of hard work, is relentlessly thorough, and a consummate professional. He's very good at what he does and helps you gain the kind of confidence you absolutely must have when building large scale software

    Carson McComas
    Product Manager, English360
  • As anyone who has worked at a small fast moving company its challenging to ensure that your staffing appropriately to maintain growth, but also not over extend. Having On Path Testing as a partner gave me excellent flexibility to surge our testing resources when needed, while growing our in house team in a methodical and structured manner.

    Tom Steiger
    CTO, BioTRUST Nutrition
  • Brian is great to work with, and not only takes feedback about his teams well, but also does a great job of proactively communicating about needs and performance of his contractors. If you need manual test support OnPath is a great option to increase your capacity.

    Tom Steiger
    CTO, BioTRUST Nutrition
  • OnPath Testing is a company that provides excellent services in QA testing. I worked with their employees for two and a half years and they proved to be excellent in their jobs. I would recommend OnPath Testing to any company that needs good quality QA engineers.

    Cenković Nemanja
    Lead Developer, Propulsion Apps
  • The OnPath manager, Brian Borg, did a great job in selecting such devoted QA engineers. He also did his best in making sure that his clients and his employees had a good understanding of each other's professional needs. I would recommend OnPath Testing to any company that needs good quality QA engineers.

    Cenković Nemanja
    Lead Developer, Propulsion Apps
  • Brian's solution was appropriate and fit into my budget, his method of working was detail-oriented and created a great audit trail, and the resource he put in place to execute testing was smart and wrote up good defects. I will come to OnPath next time I need help with software quality.

    Doug Knoll
    VP Software Development, WeLocalize