How to check your testing IQ

Posted by Ann MacKenzie

The term Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was coined by psychologist William Stern in the early 20th century to describe the score of one or more tests designed to determine a person’s ability to think and reason. Today, a person’s IQ is considered a reflection of their intelligence.

Testing your software knowledge

The Internet provides a proliferation of software testing exams that gauge your knowledge of quality assurance. These tests are designed to either help you prepare for a job interview, or successfully obtain a certification in the field.  Types of questions range from assessing your basic knowledge, to specifics aspects around testing methodologies, to more in-depth technical questions using common tools. The following links are examples of these software tester knowledge testing sites:

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Getting certified in software testing

Software testing has become recognized as a critical requirement in the software development process. Quality assurance ensures a product’s reliability – and therefore its success – in the marketplace. Because of the increasing demand for professional testers, companies are paying more attention to a tester’s knowledge, experience and ability to successfully perform.

Both the Quality Assurance Institute (QAI) and the International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) offer a number of certification levels achieved through the successful completion of related tests and study modules, for which there is a fee. QAI has been known globally as a pioneer in software testing certification since 1980 and requires re-certification after several years; ISTQB’s goal is to become the world’s leader in certifying software testing competency and currently does not require re-certification. Many certifications require a combination of educational degrees and work experience.

A personal reason to pursue certification is to gain professional confidence to either help you with your current testing job, and professionally to enhance your knowledge to enhance your chances of landing a job, getting a pay raise or gaining more career mobility.

The following links send you to these certification sites:

It’s not just testing knowledge you need, though…

As pointed out on the Testing Excellence website, it’s not just having the knowledge of the testing process and testing tools that make you a smart tester. You also need the following personality traits to raise your testing IQ!

"testing requires creativity, analytical thinking, concentration and willingness to explore….other attributes such as good memory (to reproduce the unscripted steps) a good communicator and team player (to discuss any defects found to other members of the team and the management) should have eye for detail (to detect those hard to notice and subtle differences) and most importantly be Ethical (you don’t pass a script without executing it first!)"

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