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Process management

We operate within your team to enable an efficient development and test cycle with timely releases.


Are we right for you?

We work with all sorts of industries, so – yes! Here are just some examples:

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Internet of Things

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Sports & Recreation

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Productivity Management


Reliable collaborators

It’s true – in working within a range of industries, and teams both large and small, we've seen the full spectrum of ways to develop software. We've worked within teams using waterfall to Agile, Scrum, and more, and make insightful recommendations to improve the process in the most efficient way possible.

We build a way of working that serves you as your business grows, while delivering products that are under budget and error-free. 

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Cost vs. Quality for QA


We expose the data your team needs

One of the biggest challenges in the development arena is making sure all team members have the information they need – from technical leads, to support staff, to management. We pay attention to the right metrics and build dashboards for every group in the company to stay on track. While implementing these reports, we often uncover areas for process improvements such as a tool customization or adding a communication checkpoint.

Our experts know what is needed for a successful release and take you across the finish line.


Advice on tools as well as processes

A good process is best supported within the right project management tooling. We have experience in using a wide variety of SDLC applications and will work with what you have in place. Whether you are interested in trying a new tool out or optimizing what you currently use, we offer consultations on tool suites in addition to our testing services.

We have particular experience with Atlassian offerings, such as Jira, Confluence, and Xray. With our pre-built templates and tool know-how, we improve the pages and workflows and make the tool work better than ever for you.

Benefits of process management with OnPath

Everything your Dev team needs to successfully implement and manage their QA testing.

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Experienced users

We have tried different methodologies and we know what works (and what doesn't).

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Outside perspective

As a third party agency, we can offer insights and new approaches.

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With every step of the way mapped out, we ensure nothing important gets missed.

QA testing guide

FREE QA testing guide

Need to test your software app? Follow OnPath's quick steps to successfully plan and manage your process.

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Happy customers

Craig Roth

Their flexibility has been really beneficial

OnPath Testing has helped the client be more efficient in making assessments and fixing issues. They have great communication skills and use product management tools to stay on track. They are available and make time to talk through processes with the client. 

— Craig Roth, Director of Product Management, ClearCaptions

stephen affleck

“I liked how independent OnPath Testing was. It made them easy to work with, and my time could be put to better use”

OnPath contributed to the successful launch of a near-flawless end product. They displayed outstanding communication skills and integrated into a pre-existing development team without slowing progress. Their independent efficiency and team management skills were particularly impressive.

— Stephen Affleck, Quality Assurance Manager, Learning Objects

Cleve Miller

“We needed something out there in the market very quickly, and OnPath played a big role in getting that done"

OnPath became a crucial element to the successful development and delivery of the product. Their ability to minimize rework and maximize efficiency resulted in a successful rollout on deadline. 

— Cleve Miller, Founder and CEO, English360

Michael Lapico

“OnPath Testing manages themselves extremely well. The testers were always very diligent and always got the work done”

OnPath was extremely responsive and meticulous throughout the project. They were an integral part of the end-to-end development process of the application.

Michael Lapico, Founder & CEO, WeCam Technologies

Tom Steiger

“OnPath Testing has been very accommodating to us when things have come up unexpectedly”

OnPath displayed excellent skills in execution as well as strategizing how to structure and implement testing environments. When expectations of a particularly team member were not met, OnPath was responsive and proactively fixed the problem quickly.

— Tom Steiger, Chief Technology Officer, BioTRUST Nutrition

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