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Manual testing

“Having OnPath Testing as a partner gave me excellent flexibility to surge our testing resources when needed. If you need manual test support, OnPath is a great option to increase your capacity.”

Tom Steiger, CTO, BioTRUST Nutrition LLC

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Our process

Review requirements icon

Review requirements

In the planning stage, we check what tests are needed.

Plan and execute tests icon

Plan & execute tests

Then our experienced QA engineers run the tests.

Log defect details icon

Log defect details

As we go, we accurately log bugs and recommendations.

Report and Advise Icon

Report & advise

As well as testing, we offer expert advice for optimization.

Setup and exploration

OnPath’s experience in a variety of industries, applications, and technologies means we are adept at testing real-world scenarios.

OnPath reviews available requirements and existing QA assets to identify gaps or inconsistencies. Then our team creates test plans that cover needs and implements fixes. This builds the foundation to go a step further, anticipating outlying issues with exploratory tests.

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On a user's journey

Testing usability throughout development is critical to success. OnPath ensures that the client’s technology works as specified and intended, with creative thinking that goes beyond "does it work?" to "does it work well?" This is key to creating a great user experience.

Usability testing isn’t all that we do, of course. Book a chat to find out about all the testing types we offer.

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Logging and communication

OnPath ensures that the client’s defect tracker is optimized with custom fields and a workflow that matches their process, environments, and software.

When OnPath engineers find a defect, we dig further to discover the root cause to capture every aspect of an issue, giving client development teams a complete picture to work from.

OnPath creates easy-to-understand, insightful dashboards and reports to give members of the wider team access to critical information when they need it.

Logging and communication

Discover the Benefits of Manual Testing with OnPath

Receive manual testing reports from your point of contact so you can see the improvements we make over time.

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We work with offshore QA engineers to keep your costs under budget.

Scalable Icon


Turn on/turn off options. Our skilled team scales work to meet demand.

Adaptable Icon


If changes occur during the development cycle, we’re ready to test them.

Enables Scoping icon

Enables scoping

As we complete initial tests, we provide recommendations for automation.

FREE QA testing guide

Need to QA test your software app? Follow OnPath's quick steps to successfully plan and manage your process.

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Happy customers

Craig Roth

"Their flexibility has been really beneficial."

OnPath Testing has helped the client be more efficient in making assessments and fixing issues. They have great communication skills and use product management tools to stay on track. They are available and make time to talk through processes with the client.

Stephen Affleck

"I liked how independent OnPath Testing was. It made them easy to work with, and my time could be put to better use."

OnPath contributed to the successful launch of a near-flawless end product. They displayed outstanding communication skills and integrated into a pre-existing development team without slowing progress. Their independent efficiency and team management skills were particularly impressive.

Cleve Miller

"We needed something out there in the market very quickly, and OnPath played a big role in getting that done."

OnPath became a crucial element to the successful development and delivery of the product. Their ability to minimize rework and maximize efficiency resulted in a successful rollout on deadline.

Michael Lapico

"OnPath Testing manages themselves extremely well. The testers were always very diligent and always got the work done."

OnPath was extremely responsive and meticulous throughout the project. They were an integral part of the end-to-end development process of the application.

Tom Steiger

"OnPath Testing has been very accommodating to us when things have come up unexpectedly."

OnPath displayed excellent skills in execution as well as strategizing how to structure and implement testing environments. When expectations of a particularly team member were not met, OnPath was responsive and proactively fixed the problem quickly.