Test automation holds the promise that your entire application can be tested against potentially hundreds of devices, operating systems, and browser combinations – in a fraction of the time it would take to test manually. It may take a human several minutes to manually execute a test scenario, clicking and typing their way through a test case via the web or mobile interface; whereas a well-designed automated solution with the computer navigating these same actions might be accomplished after a few seconds. Multiply that time savings by several hours, or even several days for a complete regression run of your app and you can see why automation is in high demand these days.

The very first step in automating the functional testing of your app is determining if it is even necessary to begin with. Although there are huge gains to be made by automating your testing, there is a significant up-front effort and expense. Our engineers at OnPath Testing work with you in examining a variety of criteria to determine the benefit of automation for your software:

  • How stable are the various features of your product?  
  • How complex are these features?
  • How many platforms are you testing on?
  • What is the spread of your user base across these platforms?
  • What are the risks of not testing lesser-used platforms – if any?
  • …and more

Our automation engineers excel at creating for you the best solution for your application needs. With engineers experienced across the spectrum of technologies we look at your needs holistically, based on the application, the resources and knowledge already available to you in-house, your budget and time constraints, and more – and make our professional recommendation based on reality rather than convenience.

In addition to the critical list of foundational QA skills – requirements analysis and test planning, test execution and defect planning, our automation engineers have the technical and development skills needed to provide a solid automation solution. We recognize that automating your test efforts for long-term value means approaching the task as one would with any development effort – designing a solid framework as the foundation and structure; following best practices with coding conventions and source control; proper unit testing and verification of the app logic; and confirmation that the logging and reporting provide all the necessary information for your developers and team.


  • OnPath was an excellent resource to work with at ChronoTrack. Sarabjit and Sanchita (OnPath employees) got up to speed super quickly and provided an immediate impact. Brian helped to ensure that the OnPath team was part of our team and the on-boarding went smoothly. I recommend OnPath Testing.

    Seamus Nally
    COO, ChronoTrack
  • Brian and his team were readily available to our needs and exceeded expectations. I would highly recommend Brian and OnPath Testing if you require rigorous quality assurance on your mobile or web-based products.

    Robert Whent
    Founder/ CEO, WeCam Tech
  • OnPath Testing has provided nothing but professional and reliable service to our company. Whether its expert consultation, meeting tight deadlines, or unmatched customer service, OnPath never fails to deliver.

    Stephen Affleck
    QA Manager, Learning Objects
  • OnPath provides a solution that is no more costly than working with an offshore body shop, but delivers much more.OnPath engineers dug into my project and learned quickly. I will come to OnPath next time I need help with software quality.

    Doug Knoll
    VP Software Development, WeLocalize
  • Brian is not afraid of hard work, is relentlessly thorough, and a consummate professional. He's very good at what he does and helps you gain the kind of confidence you absolutely must have when building large scale software

    Carson McComas
    Product Manager, English360
  • As anyone who has worked at a small fast moving company its challenging to ensure that your staffing appropriately to maintain growth, but also not over extend. Having On Path Testing as a partner gave me excellent flexibility to surge our testing resources when needed, while growing our in house team in a methodical and structured manner.

    Tom Steiger
    CTO, BioTRUST Nutrition
  • Brian is great to work with, and not only takes feedback about his teams well, but also does a great job of proactively communicating about needs and performance of his contractors. If you need manual test support OnPath is a great option to increase your capacity.

    Tom Steiger
    CTO, BioTRUST Nutrition
  • OnPath Testing is a company that provides excellent services in QA testing. I worked with their employees for two and a half years and they proved to be excellent in their jobs. I would recommend OnPath Testing to any company that needs good quality QA engineers.

    Cenković Nemanja
    Lead Developer, Propulsion Apps
  • The OnPath manager, Brian Borg, did a great job in selecting such devoted QA engineers. He also did his best in making sure that his clients and his employees had a good understanding of each other's professional needs. I would recommend OnPath Testing to any company that needs good quality QA engineers.

    Cenković Nemanja
    Lead Developer, Propulsion Apps
  • Brian's solution was appropriate and fit into my budget, his method of working was detail-oriented and created a great audit trail, and the resource he put in place to execute testing was smart and wrote up good defects. I will come to OnPath next time I need help with software quality.

    Doug Knoll
    VP Software Development, WeLocalize