OnPath Testing delivers top quality software testing services

Posted by Ann MacKenzie

We will guide your way

Here at OnPath Testing, we understand the importance of having tried-and-true software that keeps your business on track. That’s why we’re a great resource for guiding the end-to-end process for software quality assurance. Because of our extensive practical experience and global workforce, you can be confident that your applications will be tested to the highest possible standards and delivered within your budget.


Clients express their confidence

onpathtesting_software_testing_firms_2015 from clutchCurrent and future clients alike can now feel even more confident because OnPath Testing was recently recognized as a 2015 Top Software Testing Firm and market leader by Clutch, an analyst firm based in Washington, DC. Clutch is committed to publishing research around top performing firms that offer digital and other IT related services. To qualify for inclusion in their in-depth research, OnPath Testing had to first develop a profile and reviews.

We feel it is an honor to be showcased by Clutch. This announcement reassures us that, indeed, we are providing reliable and outstanding software testing services to our clients; and it motivates us to continue improving ourselves whenever and wherever possible.


Top-rated reviews

OnPath Testing has managed to receive and maintain a near perfect 4.9 out of 5-star rating from client reviews, which is an achievement we are proud to promote. During their interview with Clutch, one of our clients, the president of WeCam Technologies, declared: "OnPath Testing manages themselves extremely well. The testers they assigned to us were always very diligent and always got the work done."

Another client, a former quality assurance manager of Learning Objects, Inc., wrote, "I liked how independent OnPath Testing was. It made them easy to work with, and my time could be put to better use."

We find this type of feedback especially rewarding. It encourages us to stay relevant and focus on best practices. Technology and processes are constantly changing in QA and the tech field in general, which really forces an investment in time and effort learning and staying abreast of the latest trends and practices. We will continue to do this and ensure that no matter what happens, our clients remain satisfied.  Our partnership with Clutch will go a long way in this pursuit, as well as help us connect to future clients. We look forward to it!

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