Business benefits of the Atlassian cloud

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According to Gartner, more than half of companies will successfully implement an all-in cloud SaaS strategy by 2025. And this could be sped up drastically by the current surge in remote working. After all, there's no better time to move to the cloud than when people need direct access to resources from multiple locations.

With so many cloud-based technologies now available to organizations, teams can stay integrated and aligned with each other even when they’re scattered all over the world. One such technology is the Atlassian cloud, one of many software development and QA toolsets we offer customization consulting services for. Can it benefit your business? Let's find out.

Before we begin: what is the Atlassian cloud?

The Atlassian cloud offers a suite of tools including JIRA and Confluence that are hosted on the cloud rather than on-premise. These tools help with important functions including project planning, tracking and support, collaboration, coding, building and shipping, and security and identity.

Migrating from on-prem to cloud-hosted tools means the on-demand availability of once tangible resources - like data storage and computing power hardware - are now available without the need for extra work from your IT team. In short, things like maintenance, updates and system down-time are now the responsibility of your cloud provider.

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A few business benefits

Reduced costs

Using and storing your data in the cloud costs less than on-premise hosting. With cloud technologies, you no longer pay for things like on-site servers and security maintenance, and you can reallocate these savings elsewhere in your business, like hiring new team members or employee benefits.

There are freemium and pay-per-user options for all of the cloud-based Atlassian tools, too. These allow you to inexpensively try and test their suite of tools before you commit to integrating your databases with their software. This pricing model makes Atlassian available to all sizes of businesses, which leads us nicely on to the next benefit...

Flexible scalability

The ability to scale - whether that's up or down - is crucial for all businesses. There may be a day where you need to become leaner, revoke access from multiple users or reduce spend on project management tools. Many businesses (like Salesforce) have had to cut back this year due to COVID-19, and it's the ability to quickly scale down that allows these companies to report strong financial figures.

On the other hand, your business may be growing during this time. This means you'll need the capability to expand rapidly. Atlassian allows companies to sign up to an enterprise cloud subscription with the click of a button.

Improved security

IBM reports that the average cost of a data breach is USD$3.86M. To mitigate these risks and avoid hefty fines, robust security is vital for your business.

Atlassian Access provides built-in user provisioning, enabling company-wide visibility, security, and control across all your Atlassian cloud products (Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello) from under one roof. This makes it easier to manage a distributed network of devices and remotely enforce security policies. A few other benefits of Atlassian Access include:

The Atlassian cloud can also integrate with your identity provider like OneLogin, Azure AD or Google Cloud, so if you're moving to the Atlassian Cloud from somewhere else, the switch is seamless.

Third-Party integration

As a leader in project management tools, Atlassian has lots of integrations available. They build and maintain these integrations for programs like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Apps, Zendesk and more. You can relax knowing that your existing investments will not suddenly become obsolete.

Find something that does more than 'just work'

Cloud SaaS technologies give you more control over your distributed workforce, the ability to scale up and down as you please, and the chance to reduce IT spending. Moving to the cloud is proven to enhance collaboration and productivity and reduce your overall cost of ownership in comparison to on-premise or hybrid cloud environments. A Microsoft report found that 79 percent of cloud users are saving money, seeing more productivity and have better security overall.

Are you thinking of using Atlassian tools for your project and test management needs? We offer advice on implementation and optimization, and we have several pre-built templates and ready-made solutions that make Atlassian adoption a straightforward process.

Check out our tool consultation service or contact us for help, today.

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