The QA benefits of an Agile automated testing strategy

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Would you like to bring more predictability and quality to your testing?

Well, Agile Automation could be the solution. Don’t get us wrong – it's not a panacea for all your testing needs, and you'll still need the human touch at times, but it is a powerful tool when used correctly.

For those new to the term, Agile Automation refers to the selective application of software development principles and practices to automation in development.

Here are five benefits of Agile Automation you need to be aware of.

1. Predictable

One of the strongest reasons to adopt an Agile automated testing strategy is the predictability it brings. With Agile Automation, you can anticipate the time and resources you need.

This brings confidence to your overall testing and removes the grey area around timelines and project management. Crucially, it also clarifies to your client what will happen, keeping them happy and informed.

2. Measurable

Another benefit of Agile Automation is that you can measure your testing. That’s because you have an output that you can qualify against. You can also create reports and trend aspects over time.

In terms of what you measure, this can include:

  • Burndown
  • Risk
  • Output
  • Impact

Because you can gauge your testing, you can also better track progress, and look for areas to improve.

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3. Collaboration and communication

Agile boosts collaboration and supports dynamic and innovative ways of working.

Because of this, your testing and production teams can work together to troubleshoot more efficiently. Indeed, they can prevent difficult issues from occurring in the first place.

4. Repeatable

Agile Automation also brings repeatability to your testing. This is because the process doesn’t change each time you implement it. Yes, Agile is a flexible and adaptive system, but the QA process itself won't change, so you have repeatability here.

Naturally, this saves you time when you want to run the process again in the future.

5. Maintainable

Finally, when you use Agile Automation, you will also get a more maintainable process. This is thanks to automatic modifications within the structure when you make changes.

What's more, because the Agile approach involves multiple testers, there are people with different experience levels and expertise contributing. This reduces the chances of issues in the testing.

Deploy your own Agile automated testing strategy

If you aren't using Agile Automation as part of your testing strategy, you could be missing a trick.

That's because Agile Automation boosts repeatability, maintainability, and much more besides. That said, it can be challenging to deploy this approach if you haven't used it before. So, why not turn to experts who have been there and done it before?

If you'd like a chat with our expert team, you can get in touch with us on this page.

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